Picking the Right Mattress

Is the mattress included in the price?

Bed bases and mattresses are extra, but we offer top quality handmade mattresses which you know will fit.


What does the mattress sit on?

Usually a four inch firm edge base, similar to the top part of a divan base. We will also make slats, although they will give a firmer feel from the bed base.

Where do you get your mattresses from?

Our mattresses come from Hush-a-Bye Ltd, & they have been making mattresses for over 150 years. They offer a wide range of mattresses, from memory foam to individual pocket springs, and all of these to any size!

I am sourcing the four poster bed and accessories for a bed and breakfast. Do you offer any mattresses that are suitable?

We certainly do. Our Florence Pocket 1200 Mattress can be made to Source 5, Hotel Specification, at no extra charge. The only thing our suppliers would also recommend is an ‘upgrade’ to edge support springs, to help the mattress keep its shape, even with heavy use.

Can you make a bed fit around our existing divan?

Yes! All we ask for is a confirmation of the dimensions and, sometimes, some images of the divan. This ensures that the bed frame will be made perfectly. Depending on the bed style, and the overall mattress height, the divan either remains on castors/feet on the floor or is supported and sat in the bed frame itself.

I'm quite petite and don't want to have to jump up onto my four poster. Is there the option to have the mattress lower?

Yes, although it is traditional to have the mattress quite high, we can alter the exact measurement to suit your individual requirements. Depending on the style of the bed it can, sometimes, be necessary to adapt the design. Of course, if you’re not keen on this then we can always make a set of steps for you. Also, if you have a height you are happy sleeping on at the moment let us know and we can work to the same height on your new bed frame.

My wife likes to sleep on a firm mattress, whereas I can only sleep comfortably on a softer one. Do you have any suggestions?

Most mattresses are made to snuggle, regular or firm feel. However, if one of you particularly wants a firmer mattress but the other does not Hush-a-Bye are able to produce zip and link sets, with a different feel either side.

We find ourselves rolling into the middle of the mattress every night. Why is this?

On some sprung frame mattresses you can find that you both end up rolling into the same space as the springs do not work independently of each other. The advantage of the Pocket Sprung Mattresses is that they are made up of between 800 and 2000 individual springs; when you lie on one area of the mattress only those springs are affected rather than the entire mattress framework. The higher the pocket count the more luxurious the feel of the mattress.

We want to buy a mattress that will last a long time, getting used everyday. What type would you suggest?

If the mattress is going to be used everyday it may be worth considering Edge Support Springs- these firm the sides of the mattress and help prolong it’s life and ‘shape’. All mattresses can be fitted with these, and it is standard on some styles. This is not a necessity and will not alter the feel of the sleeping surface, but it is something to ponder on.

I really like the look of the memory foam material, but does it have disadvantages?

Memory Foam Mattresses are very popular; however we do ask you to be aware that it can be uncomfortable to sleep on if you get very warm at night as it is made using an insulating material. This is unavoidable given that the memory foam reacts to heat to work but its affects can be reduced; rather than choosing a full memory foam mattress we recommend a pocket sprung mattress with a built in memory foam pad. Hush a Bye have also now introduced a ‘Thermic’ knitted top on some mattresses. This fabric absorbs body heat when you get too hot, and releases heat when you get too cold.