Stains and Finishes

We have developed a range of standard options for most of our beds.


Samples can be sent out of the options shown below. Oak and ash beds are shown in most of the images, so please note that there would be grain and colour variations where the wood differs.

We are happy to produce colour matches to existing furniture (where wood is the same), all we need is a small sample or photograph to work from. Our polisher will then create a match which will be sent out for your approval.

Stain A

This dark stain has been developed over many years.

When applied to hand planed traditional beds it gives a rich colour which shows off the grain beautifully. On contemporary styles this dark finish creates excellent impact, especially when teamed with crisp white linen.

Stain B

This medium coloured stain suits many of our bed designs.

Its lighter colouring means that the bed does not overwhelm the space it sits in and its warm patina compliments a wide range of room types.

Natural Ash

The natural finish here works well when you want a lighter finish than the oak gives.

This, coupled with the wider ash grain, gives a lovely ‘clean’ finish which works on both contemporary and traditional beds.

Natural Oak

The grain in this timber is highlighted beautifully with a natural finish.

You can opt for our standard 90% sheen, or go for something more matt.

Black Lacquer

This finish is very popular on contemporary designs.

There is no additional charge for this finish.

Ash timber is used in any furniture requiring this finish.

White Painted

This has become very popular of late and has been applied to both traditional and contemporary bed designs.

Given the cost of materials and the extra time involved in producing this finish there is an additional charge, which varies depending on the bed size and style.



This finish is suited to our contemporary styles as it shows off the clean lines of the bed. Our traditional style can have a smooth finish, but it is not recommended. The drawback of this finish is that any knocks or scratches are highlighted more on a smooth surface.

Hand Planed

This finish is recommended for our traditional bed designs. It gives a nice tactile uneven effect.* Our hand-planed furniture also incorporates knots giving a beautiful character to each piece.

This is not available on mahogany as the grain in the timber interlocks and swirls.

‘Olde’ Oak Finish

This is perfect if you want the bed to look old and full of character. The workshop team source timber with knots and splits which give it that real beam look. It works perfectly on furniture going into an an older property as it gives the effect of having been made years ago.