Delivery and Shipping


We will gladly deliver and assemble the beds within the UK, for a small charge to cover our costs (labour and fuel).

Where possible we combine deliveries, not only to help reduce costs for you, but to reduce our impact on the environment.

To give an idea of cost please look below. The exact charge is worked out using the delivery postcode, and also takes the item/items of furniture into account. But please look below to see examples (indication only):

Birmingham – £125
Cardiff – £125
Oxford – £160
Manchester – £190
Exeter – £200
London – £330


Please email us if you would like us to obtain a quote. Prices will vary on volume (not weight) as well as location.

We have your bed expertly wrapped by our shippers, who then transport it to you through land, sea, or air, providing a service that delivers to your door without a scratch!

We search for the best quote from a chosen selection of shippers. To show that we don’t aim to profit, we ask that you pay the shippers directly.

Alternatively if you have shippers you are happy with using, we can provide necessary details to them, so they can provide you with a quote.