Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions within Furniture

We make furniture to order, so we can design furniture to suit your exact storage needs,whether that be office storage, clothes or electrics. We have hidden televisions, audio players DVD players, and Sky Players. We also provide homes for DVD’s CD’s, books, and wine for your front room. We have also designed computer desks to hide the main computer box, keyboard etc. We can make filing systems in computer desks, and filing cabinets. If you have any ideas,then please contact us and we will see if we can help. We can make the furniture in a variety of hardwoods, polished to the colour of your choice, to match your existing furniture if necessary.

Pop Up Remote TV Cabinet

If you are limited on space, or if you just do not like have the television on show, then consider having a cabinet made to order that hides you TV from view. It rises up, via remote control, when in use.

You could also consider incorporating other storage in the cabinet. The cabinet shown to the left has hidden shoe racks!

CD DVD Storage Cabinet

A perfect storage solution. to the increasing number of CDs and DVDs in your home, without having to have them on show.

Storage Cupboard for Wine Bottles

If you would like to store your wine bottles safely out the way, then this drawer system could be the solution.

Shoe Storage

A simple, but effective shelving unit for storing your shoes.