Bespoke and Contemporary Designs

We are always trying to come up with new designs of beds, modern four poster beds, and other contemporary furniture. The photos on this page show some designs that we have made for previous customers. It also has some concept ideas that we have come up with in the workshop. If there is anything that you like on this page, then please let us know. We love to come up with modern four poster beds and furniture for our customers.

Contemporary Square bed, unstained
Contemporary Square bed

Contemporary Square Bed

Our square bed is a very minimalist and modern take on the four poster bed. As seen in the pictures, the bed is built with four legs, three rails, a head board and the flat canopy pieces. The headboard is built as a frame and has a flat ash front that is clipped on.

We offer this bed painted or polished, with a smooth finish or hand planed.

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Contemporary Square Bed


Unstained, Ash Bobbin bed
Bobbin Pencil Post Bed, French Grey
White Bobbin Bed
Bobbin Pencil Post Bed, French Grey, Post Detail

Bobbin Pencil Post Bed

One of our most popular contemporary designs, by far, the bobbin bed is a great addition to any bedroom. Simple in nature, the bed consists of four posts, three rails and a headboard. All four posts are turned, with balls that gradually get smaller from the bottom to top of the post.

The headboard can either be upholstered or single paneled with beading.

This bed is available exclusively in smooth finish and can be polished or painted. Our most popular colours are grey and white, which we feel shows off the beds design best.

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Low Ash Bed - Red Covers
Contemporary Low Bed
Low Bed with Tapered Legs
Low Ash Bed - Purple Covers

Contemporary Low Bed

Combining ideas from our Tapered Leg Bed and our other Low Beds, we came up with this simple and ergonomic design.

The pictures show different takes on the same design, with the focal point being the posts. The posts for the bed can either be made to stand above the mattress, tapered in or out, or can be made lower, so the duvet sits on top of them.



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Walnut Carved Bed
Walnut Headboard
Carved Walnut Headboard
Walnut Headboard with cut-out
Carved Walnut Frieze

Bespoke Walnut Bed

Here is a bespoke bed we made for a customer in 2003. As we don’t usually use Walnut as a timber for our furniture, this was a unique opportunity to create another one of our modern four poster beds.

The posts and frieze were all hand carved to match a design in the customers’ house and the bed was finished in a natural colour. Interestingly, the headboard was designed in two parts. The back of the headboard was made by gluing 4-5 boards together and cutting the top to the correct shape. The front was then made with the same process, though templates were drawn onto it and cut out with a jigsaw. The two pieces were then glued to each other to create a 3D effect.

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Contemporary Apple Core Four Poster Bed, In Hotel
Blue print design Apple Core Bed
Contemporary Apple Core Four Poster Bed

Apple Core Bed

This is our Apple Core bed. Taking our Tapered Bed design, we blended ideas from different beds to create an elegant and curvaceous style. The headboard, foot rail and front posts are all shaped accordingly, with the frieze mimicking the cut out in reverse. We offer this bed as an open canopy or pencil post bed style (without the top pieces)

The images show the bed made in a dark stained Mahogany, smooth finish.

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TV Cabinet Opening
White TV Cabinet
TV cabinet in white finish
Making of TV Cabinet
TV cabinet in white finish - with TV

Bespoke TV Cabinets

With flat screen televisions becoming more common in most modern homes and hotels, we have lately had a lot of interest in the production of TV cabinets. Our cabinets are a great way of utilising living room or bedroom space by hiding your TV beneath the lid when it’s not in use. The television is mounted to a lift hidden inside the unit and can be raised or lowered with a remote. Shelves are placed on the inside to house sky boxes, DVD players, sound systems, films and CDs.

Different designs for our TV cabinets are available and we’re always open to new bespoke ideas from our customers.

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Dog Bed Table
Dog Bed Table - Without Top

Dog Bed – Table Top

Here is a design that Steve came up with some years ago. The Design incorporates our pencil posts and a standard table top. The bottom of the table has slats for a dog bed to sit on and the table top is detachable.

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