Fluted Pencil Post Bed

fluted pencil bed

Featuring elegant georgian styled posts combined with beautifully simple panels, the thoughtfully designed Fluted Pencil Post Bed suits any style and size of bedroom.

Ash 72″ x 78″ Fluted Pencil Post Bed, 84″ High, is ready for delivery. Option of plain, single or double beading on the panels. Visit our stock page: Click here

Mattress Size
54″ x 75″
60″ x 78″
Lrg. King
66″ x 78″
Super King
72″ x 78″
Metric King
78″ x 78″
84″ x 84″
Ash £ 3300 £ 3300 £ 3600 £ 3750 £ 3990 £ 4560
Mahogany £ 3660
£ 3660
£ 3870 £ 4200 £ 4500 £ 5070
Oak panelled £ 3840
£ 3840
£ 4020 £ 4380 £ 4680 £ 5250
  • All of our beds are made to order, to suit your requirements.
  • We make the bed frame to fit your exact mattress dimensions, including depth: Click Here for explanation of mattress sizes
  • The slats/bed base (where your existing divan is not being used), mattress & drapes are not included in the pricing above
  • We price in Pounds Sterling only, and all pricing includes UK VAT

Standard options available with this bed:

Panel Type
Single Beading, Double Beading, Raised Fielded
(See standard Panel Choices)
Post Type
Fluted, as seen above
(See standard Post Options)
Stain A, Stain B, Natural
(See standard Colour Options)
Smooth, Hand-Planed, ‘Olde’ Beam Finish
Support System

Overall Bed Height
78″ (84″ Back Posts, 78″ Front Posts, if preferred)
Where applicable, height can be increased and cost is at 5% extra per 6″ increments.
Extras Available
(May be an extra charge)
  • Free Colour Matching Service (where wood is the same)

  • Different Panels available

Variations on this style

Greenwood Pencil Post Bed
Greenwood Pencil Post Bed
Fluted Pencil Bed - Stain B
Fluted Pencil Post Bed, Stain B Finish

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