UK Mattress Sizes

  • Mattress names and exact sizing can vary between suppliers/manufacturers.

  • We make each bed frame to suit your size requirements so, where we are not supplying the mattress size, we require confirmation of the exact mattress size (inches or cm).

  • The depth of mattresses can also vary greatly, depending on style. By knowing the depth of the mattress in advance we are able to adjust the position of the bed rails to give you a mattress height that you are happy with.

Mattress Name
Mattress Size
Approximate Size Difference (in cms)
Double 54 x 75 135 x 190 2cm width, 2.5cm length
King Size 60 x 78 150 x 200 2.5cm width, 2cm length
Large King 66 x 78 165 x 200 2.5cm width, 2cm length
Super King 72 x 78 180 x 200 3cm width, 2cm length
Metric King 78 x 78 200 x 200 2cm width, 2cm length
Emperor 84 x 84 215 x 215 2cm width, 2cm length

Some more information on mattress sizes can be found here: Understanding the differences between mattress sizes in the UK and abroad.