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Hi Daisy,

I'm sorry not to have replied sooner but you wouldn't believe the technical problems we've had getting 'connected' - don't ever talk to me about BT!

We are completely and utterly in love with our new bed. I loved it the first time i set eyes on it at The Pig (am i sounding a bit tragic now?), and it has the same effect now it is in our own home. Everyone who has seen it has been gobsmacked by how fab it is and how good it looks in the context of the room. So, so pleased with it.

In fact, we saw on your website that you make bedside tables and wanted to ask whether it would be possible to make some that worked with our bed? We saw the twisted wood one which is lovely, but probably we are looking for something a bit smaller. Anyway, if you let me know whether this is something you could do, and if so, timeframes and approximate costs, that would be great!

Thanks Daisy, and once again, I cannot really overstate how pleased we are with our bed!


October, 2012

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