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Dear Daisy & Stephen,

the bed arrived yesterday evening and it is really absolutely fantastic! We are absolutely amazed about it and it is 100% our bed, we loved it from the first second on. The carving is sensational.

Delivery was exciting as well. Tim from Antikpete called us last Friday and we fixed the delivery date for Tuesday morning as we live in the center of the city in the pedestrian zone which is closed for traffic with bollards after 11.00 am. Tim called me on Monday that he was running a big delay due to bad, snowy road conditions in Germany and he would not make it for Tuesday morning, so we fixed Wednesday morning instead.

Yesterday 6 pm he called me telling me he was in the outskirts of Salzburg. So I went to the police and told them the whole story about our bed coming from England. The police officer on duty asked the chief constable and he accepted that Tim could enter the zone and they gave me a code to lower the bollards. Tim was in at about 7 pm and everything was delivered very well. Tim was more than happy as he was back to his schedule through saving half a day here in Salzburg and we were very happy for the unexpected delivery.

We assembled the bed yesterday evening without any problems, thanks to the great assembly instructions and we already slept the first night in our bed, what was fantastic. Everything is really more than exactly what we wanted.

Many, many thanks to you all, for the great work and the exceptionally great care of you Daisy, it was a lovely experience.

We will send some photos as soon as the curtains are on the bed. We are a bit behind our schedule concerning that, as we did not expect the bed that early, but the first curtain is hanging now, making the look even greater.

Warmest regards


Christian & Katharina

Dec 2010

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