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Dear Daisy and Stephen

We made it in brilliant time to Highlands – bed was put up in 5 minutes – curtain lady is away so she will hopefully start the process next week – she has all the fabric she needs.

I will get James to send you the pictures of the bed put up in it’s bare state – I made it up and put the bed cover on but the chinese toile hangings will really make it and so that will have to wait until we can photograph it again.

The service was superb – Stephen did everything I asked him to do and it is lovely.

We discussed with Stephen the fact that your phone number does not appear on the web site  - you can get to it via the link page but that is a shame as it puts people off when they try to get hold of you. You are not on directory enquiries either  - as I had forgotten your phone number and was trying to get hold of you when we were en route – luckily I knew your address etc and got round it that way using the house phone instead of the 4 poster bed company line.

We really are delighted with it and hope that it will feature strongly on the web site once it is finished. It's now a standard bed in our range: Greenwood Four Poster Bed!

Thanks again - Annie

Scotland, 2007

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